A year ago I never would've thought I'd be writing a blog post on my own website. A year ago I had soo many thoughts and ideas just floating in my head but never took the steps to turn them into a true reality. I knew I had it in me, but there were other variables that were holding me back. Discipline, focus and MONEY! I do not care what anyone says, in order to bring your vision to life and to truly catch your audiences attention, money is required. You don't need a ton but a cushion to start off strong, in my opinion can separate you and your business from others.

Let me give you all a little bit of some background on myself. I was born in Chicago, IL but raised in Plano,TX. I am a college graduate from THE Xavier University of Louisiana in Biology Pre-Medicine with a minor in Chemistry and had every intention on becoming a Doctor of some sort. Went through all the motions and graduated on time with a job waiting for me. Perfect right? I even continued my studies at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston with a concentration in Molecular Genetic Technology. Want to know the one thing I learned about myself over the course of 6 years? School is NOT for me! Even studying a discipline I fell in love with during undergrad, was not enough and to be honest it started to give me a headache. How do you go to college for all of this time and STILL not fill fulfilled? Whew child. Something had to shake and I knew it was time for me to completely tune everyone's opinions out and for me to listen to what Chelsea truly wanted.

That last sentence was probably the best thing I've ever told myself because I've been smiling ever since! :)

Growing up both of my parents had their own businesses that were both extremely successful. I saw the late nights and early mornings first hand. I was even my mothers designated graphic designer/salesman for her furniture store on the weekends and over the summers. I had been surrounded by entrepreneurship my entire life and knew it was finally time for me to take D'fined Hair, now known as D'fined Beauty LLC, seriously!

I always knew I wanted to launch an online Wigtique that was affordable and appealed to the everyday woman, so the preparation began. I saved for little over a year, never told my closest friends what my intended moves were (still another great decision I've made thus far) and started slowly mapping everything out so my launch would be PERFECT the first time around. I move pretty quickly when I'm determined and I learned I move even faster when I'm working solely for myself- complete game changer! Crazy to think that I was the reason I wasn't completely happy and all I really needed was some self-love and motivation to get the ball rolling. In a matter of 6 months with straight determination and consistent grinding day in and day out, I was able to build a platform and brand that is not only appeasing to the eye but created a sense of trust between me and my customers. I took Andrew Yangs advice, 2020 Presidential candidate for those who don't know, and had successfully built and E-commerce business while holding down my full-time job.

I'm writing this because I know there is someone out there whose mind is on 1000 and they too are feeling how I felt a year ago. My best advice to you is to confidently bet on YOURSELF! Tap into what truly makes you happy, remove any toxic energy that you may be surrounded by and hone in on all you have ever dreamed of. Doesn't have to be a business, could just be a hobby. We literally only have ONE life to live and on July 7th, 2019 was the day I truly decided to take action and apply it to my life. Bet on yourself love, you'll thank me later!

Chelsea Stephens

Founder of D'fined Beauty LLC

"Where YOU define what beauty means to YOU"

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