Q: How To Properly Measure Your Head Circumference 
A: All Custom Closure units sizes are based on Circumference measurements. D'fined Beauty LLC now offers 5 standard sizes: X-SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and X-LARGE. 

Your circumference measurement may fall between half sizes, please be sure to not round to the next size as caps tend to stretch over time.   (I.e- (X-SMALL 20in-20.5in), (SMALL: 21in- 21.5in), (MEDIUM: 22in- 22.5in), (LARGE: 23in- 23.5in), (X-LARGE 24- 24.5in) 


Q: First time wearing a unit? Not sure what to do?
A: You came to the right place and you're going to LOVE your first unit. With following these three simple steps you'll be able to give your hair a real break from heavy tension pulling styles all while rocking this alternative protective look.  

1) Simply braid your hair straight back with 6 braids at the minimum (depending on the density and length of your hair you may need more braids). Remember the flatter your braids are the more natural your wig will lay. Bulky braids = Bulky units! 

2) Apply your 4 Seasons Hair Gleaux Oil to your scalp and massage in. Then apply your wig cap to your head.

3) Slide the band behind your nape area and position the unit into place. 

** Be sure to not wear your unit right along your hairline to prevent rubbing and direct contact with your lace. 

Q: How many Bundles are required per unit?
A: The desired look determined the number of bundles that are required for a custom unit. All 12" Units/ Bobs will come with 2 bundles.
All other units from 14"-22" will require 3 bundles and any unit that is 24" or longer will require 4 bundles. Additional bundles can always be added, please email dfinedhair@gmail.com to inquire.

Q: Turnaround Times
A: From the date your order is placed there will be a 7-14 business day turnaround for all Custom orders (weekends are not included). There is an option to have the service rush ordered for $100 and your unit will be shipped within 1-2 business days. 

Q: Tinting Options
A: All units can be tinted to match your particular skin tone for an additional $5. You have the following lace tints to choose from: Almond, Light Brown, Caramel, Cafe and Dark Brown.

Shades listed go from lightest tint to darkest! Please keep in mind that lace tint does fade over time and makeup can be used instead of tint in the comfort of your own home. 

Q: Returns and Refunds
A: We do not accept returns or exchanges! Please be sure to accurately measure your head for your custom unit, accounting for braids that will lay underneath. All sales are FINAL and cannot be refunded (Class trainings included)!

Q: Unit Maintenance Tips
1.    Use a sulfate free/clarifying shampoo on your extensions
2.    Be sure to always condition your hair for up to 15 mins and rinse with cool water.
3.    Keep a wide tooth comb on hand while handling all textures when detangling. Detangle the hair from the bottom and in a upward motion.
4.    Always gently handle your unit to prevent any tears in the lace. 
5.    Allow your unit to air dry. If in a rush for time be careful while blow drying the unit and do not hold the dryer extremely close to the unit. 
6.    If using adhesive, apply 70% alcohol to the lace to remove and residue. Proceed to condition once adhesive has been completely removed.
7.    Before styling, apply a lightweight heat protectant spray of your choice to your unit,
8.    In order to maintain your curls/waves, D’fined Beauty prefers a styling foam or curling custard instead of a mousse. The foam is known to define curls while keeping a soft look.
9.    Curly Hair units: Apply small amounts of oil to your hair weekly for added moisture. This can be done by adding a few drops of oil to your spray bottle or applying a small drop in the palm of your hand and applying throughout your hair.

Q: Who qualifies for the Ghost Wig Making Program?
A: Our Ghost Wig Making Program is truly for current business owners or persons looking to start reselling units under their own hair company. Our units are custom designed and carefully constructed using the sewing machine technique. Minimum Order Quantity is 5 units and our construction fee is $75/unit.

Q: Can I sample hair prior to purchasing a complete Wholesale Hair order?
A: Yes! Sample kits are available and will include 3 RAW Indonesian Natural Wave bundles in the following lengths 12”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 22”. Otherwise the MOQ for Wholesale orders is 10 bundles.